Support Foster Adopt Families

As the church, we all have different roles to play in orphan care. We are not asking families to foster alone. Many of our support programs are completely run by volunteers. Consider committing to serving fostering and adoptive families in one of these ways.

Date Night

Volunteer 1-2 times per year to provide a “date night” for foster parents (2-3 hours of childcare with other volunteers). Foster families make many sacrifices, including time spent together as a couple. We would love to provide one night per month for foster and adoptive families from Grace to bring their children to the church and go out on a date together without having to pay for childcare.



Wrap-Around Groups

A wrap-around group is a community group that supports a foster family. A member of the wrap around group would connect with the foster family each week and relay prayer requests before their own community group meets. The community group prays each meeting for this family, the foster child, and the foster child’s biological family. The wrap-around group also provides support for the foster family. This can look different for each family. Getting started as a wrap-around group.


Guardian Ad Litem

Speak for a child in foster care. Meet with parents, teachers, and others in a child’s life to assist the court in its ruling for a foster child’s future. The minimum time commitment is 4-6 hours per month, and availability is needed for court dates and visitations.


Foster Adopt Resource Center Volunteer

We provide supplies (clothing, diapers, formula, toys, baby furniture, etc.) to foster families, adopted families, and relative placements. We support an average of 4-5 families per week. In January of 2014, we moved into a new location at 2301 Wade Hampton Blvd. Our regular open hours are Mondays 9am-10am, Thursdays 5:30pm-6:30pm and the first Saturday of each month from 9am-10am and by appointments. You would serve with other volunteers to receive donations, organize and distribute items to visiting families. There is also an opportunity to sort and organize items when we are closed. You are welcome to make your own schedule.


Donate Items

If you would like to make a donation to the Foster & Adopt Resource Center, please take the items to the Resource Center during their normal hours of operation, as posted above.

Become a mentor

Mentors change the life of a child. Sign up or learn more here.


Give to Adoption Fund

Adoption. Nothing more tangibly represents our adoption into God’s family than this. Yet, the expenses surrounding local and international adoptions today are high. Through adoption grants, we are helping support families who are opening their homes to these vulnerable children.

If you are interested in contributing to the Adoption Fund, let us know.


The advocacy group Speak Up! is helping change SC legislature for vulnerable children.