Administrative Assistant Ezer Ministry | Part-time

27 Nov Administrative Assistant Ezer Ministry | Part-time

Hours & Schedule

20 Hours a week | Monday-Thursday office hours; occasional event attendance required.

Overall Responsibilities

To support Ezer Ministry in carrying out the Mission of Grace Church through administrative task, including but not limited to; communications, scheduling, reporting, researching, and systemizing.

Specific Responsibilities - Click for more information

  • Central Communications
    • Coordinate blog writers and assign content.
    • Organize repository of writers and gifting
    • Create and manage social media for all campuses
    • Assist in the partnership of key non-profits to connect organizational needs to service opportunities for the women of Grace Church.
    • Responsible for the maintenance, content, clarity and resources on the Ezer web pages.  Work with campus leads to ensure consistent and clear communication.
    • Coordination of life-change videos
    • Website content and communication effectiveness

    Scheduling / Planning

    • Collect content for blog/ research/ leadership development/ and needs of Ezer ministry
    • Coordinate Ezer trainings
    • Organize Focus groups to include but not limited to scheduling, identifying & gathering key women, execution of and follow up on event.


    • Coordinate communication between Campus Pastors, Ezer Leadership Team and Ezer director
    • Formulate new process for tracking current and past Ezer groups and participants
    • Provide consistent tracking information for campuses

    Book Distribution / Inventory Management

    • Implement system to track ordered and distributed books
    • Research publishing companies and the best way to further the brand of the Ezer ministry
    • Personal notes to all out going books
    • Track location of book orders and communicate with new churches/ lay leaders as necessary


    • Potential resources for Director (as needed), Ezer Leadership, and women connected to the Ezer Ministry
    • Manage all incoming requests for resources in a timely manner

    Systemize Ezer

    • Execute all Central Vision events
    • Assist the director in creating “How to Launch (Successful) Studies”
    • Maintain the highest quality of the Ezer leader page in order to equip leaders more successfully and drive women to the website
    • Repository for resources


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