Campus Pastor

23 Aug Campus Pastor

Hours & Schedule

Campus office hours Monday-Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; Sunday and other hours are required to fulfill the duties of this role.

Overall Responsibilities

Lead and carry out the mission of Grace Church through the staff, volunteers and members at your Campus.

Specific Responsibilities - Click for more information

    1. Lead & Carry out the mission of Grace Church
      1. Seek God in prayer for development and vision.
      2. Communicate vision and direction to the Campus.
      3. Communicate with the Leadership Team about needs for the Campus.
      4. Run day to day operations of the Campus.
      5. Be a part of Discovery/Foundations/Membership.
      6. Represent Grace Church.
      7. Help develop Spiritual Formation of Congregation
        1. Work with Community Group Pastor to develop leaders.
        2. Help Shepherd where needed for this Campus.
    2. Lead Staff & Volunteers
      1. Give direction to volunteers at Campus.
      2. Give direction to all staff members that are part of the Campus.
        1. Worship
        2. Students
        3. Children’s
        4. Assimilation
        5. Facilities
      3. Hold Staff accountable for goals and actions.
    3. Lead Weekend Services
      1. Lead Campus Impact Team
      2. Lead Production Teams
        1. Make sure all things run smoothly for the weekend services.
        2. Give direction and oversight to the services by hosting.
      3. Teaching at Campus certain times of the year.
      4. Seek feedback about services.
    4. Administrate Oversight
      1. Lead Culturally Engaged efforts for the Campus.
      2. Help Shepherd area Community Group Leaders.
      3. Submit a yearly budget for the Campus.
        1. Work with each ministry on your Campus for this.
      4. Return emails and calls in a timely manner.
      5. Oversee certain logistical needs for campus specific events.
      6. Report to a contact on the LT with any needs or concerns.
    5. Use gifts in other areas that will benefit the whole of the church.
      1. Teaching (possibly Grace Institute)
      2. Training
      3. Counseling



  • Proven experience and ability in leadership
  • Experience in the development of teams and people
  • Several years serving/working within a like minded ministry


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