Childrens Ministry Director-TR | Part-time

11 Dec Childrens Ministry Director-TR | Part-time

Hours & Schedule

Flexible Monday-Thursday | Sunday services

Specific Responsibilities - Click for more information

1.     Operations

a.     Supervise all Children’s Ministry Sunday service programs

b.     Connect with First Time Families

c.      Resource to families / coaches / coordinators / volunteers

2.     Volunteers

a.     Assist in executing Children’s programing

b.     Recruit and develop Coordinators / Coaches to lead programs

c.      Recruit / train volunteers

d.     Coordinate volunteer meetings

e.     Enforce all volunteer processing procedures

3.     Events

a.     Coordinate all childcare needs (including non-GCK events)

b.     Represent / Communicate Children’s Ministry vision

4.     Administration

a.     Communicate / Report to Central Staff

b.     Collaborate with Children’s Directors at other campuses

c.      Ensure / Enforce all Grace Church Children’s Ministry procedures

d.     Manage inventory / needs for Campus Children’s Ministry


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