Worship Leader/Student Ministry

03 Feb Worship Leader/Student Ministry

Hours & Schedule

40 Hours per Week

Overall Responsibilities

To create a culture of leadership and development using worship as a platform and where student ministry leaders and key students can be trained and coached to effectively carry out the mission of Grace Student Ministry and Grace Church Worship values.

Specific Responsibilities - Click for more information

  • Worship: 
    • Lead upfront worship.
    • Recruit, audition, train and shepherd worship band.
    • Lead main worship 3-4 times a month.
    • Stage setup each week.
    • Vimeo upload of Worship Team done on Monday mornings.
    • Video Tutorials of AV and musical needs. 
    • Learn and memorize Worship songs. 
    • Play at campuses as needed throughout the year. 
    • Coordinate with student and Children’s bands on personnel needs for student ministry programs throughout the year. 

    Student Ministry:

    • Lead and build relational capital with small group students.
    • Build relational capital with other small group leaders and SM staff.
    • Provide ongoing coaching and development for all current leaders to make sure they can lead effectively towards our mission.
    • Recruit and train new leaders continually, to insure we have a healthy ratio of students to leaders.
    • Cultivate a ministry culture wherein parents and small group leaders work together in discipling their students.
    • Strategically identify and personally connect with the parents of students that are especially bought into the cause of our church in order to maximize their influence and involvement in student ministry.
    • Connect with new students and families to make sure they assimilate into student ministry.
    • Manage all shepherding issues, in partnership with the ministry director.
    • Regularly offer input on how to make big group and small group programs better.
    • Work in partnership with all student ministry staff to lead retreats, mission trips, and other all-campus events.


  • Biblical lifestyle and adherence to Grace’s values and mission

  • Experience in leadership role in small group ministry

  • Excellent people skills

  • Ability to teach/communicate effectively to groups of 50 –150

  • Shepherding heart

  • Discipleship skills

  • Team player (loyal and committed to team and leadership)

  • Committed to mission and core values of Grace Church


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