Worship Leader/Video Assistant

03 Feb Worship Leader/Video Assistant

Hours and Schedule


Campus staff office hours: Monday-Thursday 9-5pm; Sunday Worship; Weeknight band practice

Ministry requires flexibility of work schedule.  Additional hours may be required.
Overall Responsibilities

Worship Leader:  To create environment of leadership development, recruiting, training, and organization of worship band that enables band to effectively lead each week.

Worship Video production and project management in our video department.
Specific Responsibilities


  • Managing administrative responsibilities throughout the production of projects; collaborating with ministries to plan and give direction to needed video projects–this includes communicating with staff and interviewees, scheduling video shoots, etc.
  • Conducting various video interviews and directing video shoots and processing/editing video footage into completed packages
  • Testing final video products and coordinating their delivery through proper avenues
  • Providing support for video director with weekend teaching and weekend video needs
  • Identifying and developing key individuals to serve as volunteers with the Video Department, and assisting with leading and equipping of interns within the Video Department


  • Lead corporate worship at designated campus or ministry event
  • Recruit, audition, train and shepherd worship band.
  • Lead main worship 3-4 times a month.
  • Stage setup each week.
  • Vimeo upload of Worship Team done on Monday mornings.
  • Video Tutorials of AV and musical needs. 
  • Learn and memorize worship songs. 
  • Lead worship at campuses or events as needed throughout the year. 



  • Biblical lifestyle and adherence to Grace’s values and mission

  • Experience in leadership role in small group ministry

  • Excellent people skills

  • Ability to teach/communicate effectively in corporate worship

  • Shepherding heart

  • Discipleship skills

  • Team player (loyal and committed to team and leadership)

  • Committed to mission and core values of Grace Church