Worship Leader/Worship Administration

03 Feb Worship Leader/Worship Administration

Hours & Schedule

Campus staff office hours: Monday-Thursday 9-5pm; Sunday Worship; Weeknight band practice Ministry requires flexibility of work schedule. Additional hours may be required.

Overall Responsibilities

Worship Leader: To create environment of leadership development, recruiting, training, and organization of worship band that enables band to effectively lead each week. Worship Administration: To support the worship team administratively.

Specific Responsibilities - Click for more information

  • Administration:
    • Coordinate with designated ministries on volunteer needs throughout the year 
    • Prepare, plan, organize weekly worship teams and communicate to band members
    • Organize band practice each week
    • Assist Worship leader in administrative tasks


    • Lead corporate worship at designated campus or ministry event
    • Recruit, audition, train and shepherd worship band.
    • Lead main worship 3-4 times a month.
    • Stage setup each week.
    • Vimeo upload of Worship Team done on Monday mornings.
    • Video Tutorials of AV and musical needs. 
    • Learn and memorize worship songs. 
    • Lead worship at campuses or events as needed throughout the year. 


  • Biblical lifestyle and adherence to Grace’s values and mission
  • Experience in leadership role in small group ministry
  • Excellent people skills
  • Ability to teach/communicate effectively in corporate worship
  • Shepherding heart
  • Discipleship skills
  • Team player (loyal and committed to team and leadership)
  • Committed to mission and core values of Grace Church


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