Allendale County, SC

Why Allendale County?

Located in the Southeast corner of South Carolina approximately 30 miles East of the I-95 corridor, Allendale, South Carolina, used to be a central hub for rail traffic in the United States. It was positioned at the cross section of a North-South line and an East-West line making Allendale a bustling city with a booming economy. After the establishment of the interstate system, the town suffered from an economic downturn and has yet to recover fully.

Statistically, Allendale compares to some of the poorest counties in the nation.

  • Allendale County is home to approximately 10,000 residents.
  • 40% of the population live below the poverty level (compared to 17% in SC).
  • Median household income is $23,942 (compared to $42,580 in SC).
  • Current unemployment rate is 14%
  • 90% of schoolchildren are eligible for free school lunch.

Our Commitment to Partnership

The problems in Allendale County are systemic and multifaceted; community change will not come without a broad and diverse involvement.

Therefore, Grace Church’s Culturally Engaged ministry serves as a catalyst for holistic community change in Allendale County by partnering with local leaders, churches, and organizations to support:

  • Spiritual Transformation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Racial Reconciliation
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Economic Vitality

Our philosophy is to support and equip local leaders to carry out their mission for positive community transformation. We want to create sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships in the local community with people who understand and meet the needs of Allendale County.

Opportunities to Engage

Culturally Engaged works to provide opportunities for Grace Church members to be involved in Allendale County, whether it is through:

  • Sending full-time missionaries
  • Joining short-term mission teams
  • Sending resources

We believe that there is a need for continual evaluation of community partnerships, direction, and strengths; therefore we are constantly evolving through our service as a catalyst for community transformation.