Papua New Guinea

The Osborn Family

Grace Church members Joseph and Elizabeth Osborn have recently moved their family of six to the island country of Papua New Guinea. As a part of New Tribes Mission, the Osborn’s goal is to preach the gospel, translate the Bible, and eventually plant a church among people who do not have access to God’s Word in their own language. They have settled among an unreached people group with whom they will begin the long process of further language acquisition, Bible translation, and church planting.

New Tribes Missions

New Tribes Mission seeks to plant local churches among unreached people groups. Their church planting model begins with achieving a high level of proficiency in a tribal language so that Biblical truths can be communicated accurately and naturally. Once this is accomplished, the gospel is presented by teaching through the major stories and points of the entire Bible. New believers will be taught how to grow and mature in their faith and participate in a local church. During this time leaders will be equipped and the process of Bible translation will continue.

How You Can Help

In partnership with New Tribes, Grace Church has sent the Osborn family to Papua New Guinea to live in a village among people who are completely isolated by their language and culture. Visit their website to stay informed of the Osborn’s mission, pray for them regularly, and even consider supporting them financially.