Support Foster & Adopt Families

As the church, we all have different roles to play in orphan care. We are not asking families to foster alone. Many of our support programs are completely run by volunteers. Consider committing to serving fostering and adoptive families in one of these ways.

 Using Unique Gifts & Talents

Not everyone is called or able to become a foster parent, but everyone can serve foster children. Cindy came to us saying she wanted to use her gifts as a hairdresser and set aside one Sunday a month for free haircuts. The Snyders are using pastry-making skills to create birthday cakes for foster children, in addition to making sweet treats for hardworking DSS employees. Others provide free childcare at Parent’s Night Out once a month or as babysitters in foster families’ homes.

Cakes, haircuts, childcare, transportation, mentoring, financial help, errands, meals, tutoring, discounts, donations, sewing, journal-making, coaching sports, home repairs, lawn service, outings, guardians ad litem…the list of needs and opportunities is endless.

What skills, gifts, or talents do you possess that could be used to serve the foster care community? If you have ideas, know of needs, or are interested in learning how you can serve, let us know!

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Parent’s Night Out

Foster & Adopt Parent’s Night Out is open to Grace Church kinship caregivers as well as foster and adoptive parents. We provide free childcare, dinner, crafts, a Bible lesson, and fun & games for kids of all ages while parents run errands, have a date night, or simply use the time to rest and reset.

The event is led by volunteers and is a great opportunity to meet new people while serving foster and adoptive families in a unique and impactful way. We welcome individuals, families, and community groups to serve each month. Our greatest need is finding consistent and reliable volunteers who wish to develop relationships with and provide stability for the children and families we’re serving.


Foster & Adopt Resource Center

We provide various necessary items to adoptive, foster care, and kinship care families. The Resource Center is staffed entirely by volunteers and we would love to have you join our team!

We are in need of dedicated people to help receive donations, sort, and organize donations (during and outside of operating hours), and help distribute items to families who come to shop.


Wraparound Groups

These community groups serve together to pray regularly for the foster or kinship care family, the child(ren), and the biological family. They may also provide meals, childcare, lawn maintenance, and other general support to help these families who have opened up their homes to provide foster and kinship care or who have recently adopted a child or children. This can look different for each family and situation.

If you are interested in learning more about how wraparound groups function and are interested in serving in this way, let your community group leaders or community group pastor know.