Support Foster & Adopt Families

As the church, we all have different roles to play in caring for vulnerable children. Many of our support programs are completely run by volunteers. Would you consider committing to serving fostering and adoptive families in one of these ways?

Serve Foster & Adopt Families at Your Campus

As our Foster & Adopt ministry grows across our campuses, we are grateful for the opportunities God has provided to care for vulnerable children. We desire to engage with Foster & Adopt families personally and regularly throughout their journey. Each campus has a Foster & Adopt Champion that connects with families and coordinates support when they need it most.

You could join them by providing meals, shopping for new additions, praying for a  Foster & Adopt family, or offering babysitting. Some members use their specialized skills or hobbies to provide free haircuts, birthday cakes, legal advice, freezer meals, photography, and much more.  If you are interested in serving on this team, let us know through the link below!

Interest Form

Advocating as a Guardian ad litem

In advocating for an abused or neglected child, a guardian ad litem gives a child a voice and a chance for a better life.  Serving as a Guardian ad litem can have a tremendous impact on a child’s life, but it also requires an investment of time and energy.  We want to come alongside our members who are interested in or currently serving as a Guardian ad litem to offer support, encouragement and community.  To find out more, scroll down and let us know of your interest.


Serving as a Guardian ad litem

Foster & Adopt Resource Center

We provide various necessary items to adoptive, foster care, and kinship care families. The Resource Center is staffed entirely by volunteers and we would love to have you join our team!

We are in need of dedicated people to help receive donations, sort, and organize donations (during and outside of operating hours), and help distribute items to families who come to shop.


Serving Biological Families

For biological families facing barriers of financial pitfalls, drugs, alcohol, stress, depression and more, we want to come alongside them when they need help the most. Parents at-risk of being separated, or already separated, from their children need support, healing, mercy, and guidance. We are honored to offer a seven-week parenting class called “Families Count” that provides biblically-based teaching, prayerfully leading to restoration for families involved. Grace members serve Families Count participants as mentors, provide transportation, and by providing meals for each class. Interested in making a significant investment in the preservation of a family? Scroll down and let us know if you would like to serve with our next Families Count class!

Parent’s Night Out

Foster & Adopt Parent’s Night Out is open to Grace Church kinship caregivers as well as foster and adoptive parents. We provide free childcare, dinner, crafts, a Bible lesson, and fun & games for kids of all ages while parents run errands, have a date night, or simply use the time to rest and reset.

The event is led by volunteers and is a great opportunity to meet new people while serving foster and adoptive families in a unique and impactful way. We welcome individuals, families, and community groups to serve each month. Our greatest need is finding consistent and reliable volunteers who wish to develop relationships with and provide stability for the children and families we’re serving.

Are you interested in using your time and heart to serve Foster & Adopt families?