Mosaic Volunteers

We are thankful for your willingness to serve in the Mosaic Ministry. As a part of equipping you, we have created the Mosaic volunteer website to consolidate resources, training information, and needed links. As you look through this list, please contact us at [email protected] with any questions, concerns, or ways we can better guide you.

Helpful Links


(Leader Guides)


These videos are to help better equip you as a volunteer and continue your education on serving individuals with special needs. Please take the time to view all of these videos. If you have any questions about something you hear or learn in these videos please contact [email protected].

In Classroom
This video shows how shadows partner with teachers in the classroom as well as in-class safety procedures.

Language & Communication
This video shows how to communicate with parents, giving proper feedback, and using first-person language.

De-escalation of Behavior
This video explains how to prevent problem behavior from happening and how to de-escalate when individuals get agitated.

How Individuals Learn
This video explains how individuals learn and gives some strategies on how to teach individuals with disabilities.

Safety Physical Procedures | Level 1
This video walks through some basic safety physical procedures that are important for all volunteers to keep our individuals in Mosaic safe as well as the volunteer.

Volunteer Training Introduction
In this video, Joe gives an introduction and overview of volunteer training.

Events Recap
This is a video compiling all of the Mosaic Events that happened between March and August. Check out this video to see some of the fun events the individuals and parents in the Mosaic Ministry attended.

Volunteer Website Overview
In this video, Tracy, our HB Mosaic lead, walks through the new volunteer website, how to access the materials, and what all is on the website.

Curriculum Walk Through
In this video, Madison, our Mosaic Admin, walks through our new Gospel Project curriculum. The video goes over why Gospel Project, what the curriculum includes, and how to use it.
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Respite Nights
In this video, Yvette, our PL Mosaic lead, walks through changes to the upcoming respite nights and announces new dates.

This is a Q&A video from training. If you have any further questions please email [email protected]

Further Learning

Mosaic Equip Introduction
Joey Altom starts the three-week class off by giving us a look into his life and a great introduction into the Mosaic Equip Class.

Theology of Disability
This teaching by Joe Clarey goes over the theology of disability.

Diagnosis & Terminology Education
The websites and links listed in this document can better equip you as a volunteer as you continue your education about serving individuals with special needs.

Diagnosis & Terminology Document


Volunteer Newsletters

Parent Newsletters


Respite Night
Respite Night is an event, typically on the fourth Friday of the month, for children in Mosaic up to 4th grade. Volunteers with children under 4th grade may participate in the night and children over 4th grade can volunteer alongside their parents.

Upcoming Respite Nights:
HB, PL, & PV | Friday, September 16, November 11, and December 2 | 6:00 – 8:30 PM

Register for AN Register for HB Register for PL Register for PV

Mosaic Supper Club
Supper club is an event, typically on the fourth Friday of the month, for students and adults in Mosaic where we gather together to play games and share a meal. Individuals and volunteers can both register using the link below.

Register for Supper Club