Next Generation


The mission of Grace Church Kids is to assist parents in leading their children toward a Gospel-centered life, to equip volunteers to shepherd children, and encourage children to grow in Christ by teaching them Biblical truths in meaningful ways.



Grace Church Student Ministry exists to move our students toward spiritual maturity and growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ through pursuing God, connecting with the church, and engaging the world.


Decade 20

Decade 20 is a gathering in which we seek to challenge the 20-something cultural narrative with an honest look at Jesus and the Bible. The 20s are a great decade to shape your thinking, grow your worldview, and nurture your faith and spiritual disciplines. If you are home from college, this is also an excellent way to connect with community and the local church.


Equipping young leaders to serve Christ with integrity and excellence is a high calling.  At Grace Church, there are internship seasons available for high school, college, and recently graduated college students to devote a season of time to spiritual growth and self-discovery through service and study. These internships are available for any student who desires to grow in their understanding of Jesus, the church, and their role as a future part of Christ’s Kingdom.