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Find Help, Hope and Healing for the Pain of Separation and Divorce

DivorceCare is a ministry of support, encouragement, and help for those who are separated, going through a divorce, or have been divorced but have not healed.  DivorceCare meetings are a safe place to heal and renew hope through one of the most difficult times of your life. It is not just a Grace Church ministry but a trusted program used in a network of over 13,000 churches worldwide.

Thank you for your interest in DivorceCare.  If you are still seeking care and support, all are welcome to join re:gen on any Tuesday. See link below for more information about re:gen.

Summer Divorce Groups

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Life After Divorce care group. Summer Divorce groups are our 6 week summer groups where we can come alongside one another in community, prayer, and study.

“In spite of how you feel or the challenging circumstances you face now, the truth for every divorce survivor is that with God’s help—and your desire and effort—better days are ahead.” —New Life After Divorce.

“In this study, you will find both reflective content and practical insight to guide your healing and to find restoration.” Topics include, Drawing on God’s Grace and Power, Knowing Where to Find Wisdom and Counsel, and Learn More Clearly How to Hold on to Hope.”

on God’s Sovereignty

on Perseverance

on Redemption

Upcoming Events

Jun 18

Summer Divorce Care Group | at the Pelham Campus

Tuesday, June 18 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect when you attend a DivorceCare meeting?

DivorceCare is a support group that meets weekly.  There are three key parts to the DivorceCare weekly experience: Video Seminars, Group Discussions, and a Personal Workbook.  Each video seminar features dynamic teaching from top divorce recovery experts. After the video/teaching time, your small group will discuss the video content and issues faced by group members. Each small group is led by people who have been divorced and can relate to much of the pain, emotions, and challenges you are experiencing. Your personal workbook will help reinforce each topic throughout the rest of the week. For more information about DivorceCare check out their website here.

Interested in volunteering to help with hospitality or childcare for DivorceCare?

Each time that DivorceCare meets, we want our participants to experience a warm and inviting environment that eliminates participants anxiety about the evening.  To do this we want to offer childcare and a welcoming environment and need plenty of volunteers.  The class meets from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on Tuesday Nights.  You can commit to help for all nights or just choose a few nights on which you want to help.


Natalie & Rebecca on serving with DivorceCare for Kids

DivorceCare for Kids

Your kids probably feel scared, sad, and confused after your divorce. They know you have been hurt deeply. As a result, they may hide their feelings because they are worried about your happiness or because they do not know how to express their feelings appropriately. DC4K helps them process those feelings and gives them tools to communicate better with you.

For 13 weeks your children become involved in a fun, caring group. The weekly session topics help your children learn that God’s love strengthens them and helps them turn their sadness to hope and their anger to joy.

Each session is filled with motivating and exciting activities. Games, crafts, role playing, discussion times, journaling, and activity books help your children process the divorce and move forward in their lives.

DC4K is designed for kids 5–12 years of age.

Quintin, Priscilla, & Tosha on serving with DivorceCare for Teens

DivorceCare for Teens

As families divorce, each family member is impacted and goes through a number of different emotions and struggles. In addition to DivorceCare and DivorceCare for Kids, we also offer an option for 5th-12th grade students, called DivorceCare for Teens. This care group will help your student work through the questions, emotions, and thoughts that surround divorce.

For 13 weeks your student becomes involved in an age-appropriate, caring group that will work through either “Dealing with Divorce” or “The Big D, Divorce Thru the Eyes of a Teen”. They will have caring leaders who desire to create a safe and encouraging environment for all. During the group times, topics will include forgiveness, communication, and how to grow closer to Christ through trials such as divorce.