Forge Missions


Student: $200- Mission Upstate & Allendale

$1800 (about) – Nicaragua

Leader: $50- Mission Upstate & Allendale

$550- Nicaragua


June 15-23 (Nicaragua)
June 16-22 (Allendale 1)
June 23-29 (Allendale 2)
July 8-13 (Mission Upstate)
July 14-20 (Allendale 3)
July 21-27 (Allendale 4)
July 29 – Aug 1 (24Seven on Mission)


Upstate SC, Allendale, Nicaragua

Trip Descriptions:


Nicaragua: Grace Church partners with an organization called Christ for the City International (CFCI) in Nicaragua. Together with CFCI, we aim to partner with local churches in various regions throughout the country as they seek to engage the community around them. Throughout the year, we send four trips to Nicaragua, and the student trip is one them. During this trip our work will be focused on providing helpful services to the local community where we’ll spend our time. Our hope is that meeting some practical needs and providing entry points into spiritual conversations will continue to earn credibility for the local church, CFCI, and other Christians in Nicaragua so that they will be able to continue to effectively engage the local community at a spiritual level. As a group of students, we will have the opportunity to do hard work as we enter into a new environment that will challenge us in a variety of ways. Our prayer is that as we shed the comfort of our known environments and enter the unknown to care for other people for a few days, God will continue to teach us about ourselves and about Him in ways that change our lives for good.

Mission Upstate

Mission Upstate: It is crucial we equip our students to engage their local community with the Gospel. As Christ-followers we are called to engage the world on it’s terms, including meeting real need, building relationships, and sharing the truth about Jesus. That’s the purpose of Mission Greenville: a week long trip wherein our students get the opportunity to host a summer camp for local children, as well as serve along side organizational partners of Grace.


Allendale: We are partnering with Fairfax First Baptist Church and Nazarene Baptist Church to put on Camp Impact, a 6 week summer camp for kids ages 5-12 in the community. We, as a church, are supporting the local churches in their vision to make disciples by providing short term teams to help oversee and facilitate camp activities each week. Whether you are a family group leader, sports coordinator, or extracurricular activity leader, you will have the chance to interact with and build relationships with the campers each day through whatever activities you take part in. You, as a high school student, have an incredible opportunity to build relational capital with the campers and help create opportunities for spiritual growth in their lives as well as your own. A week spent away from the comfort and familiarity of Greenville will reframe your spiritual mindset and compel you to live a life more fully devoted to Christ’s cause instead of your own.

Other Information


For questions email Lauren Sowell.

  • Forge mission trip placement notification will be sent by March 14. 
  • All students/leaders are guaranteed a trip.
  • May 12 – Mandatory Forge Missions Training Day – at the Pelham campus for students & leaders (more details to come).
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