Kairos Summer is a 10-week summer internship for College Students. Kairos is open to all college students (whether a part of Grace already or not). Kairos interns work within a Grace Church Ministry full-time during their 10-week summer internship. Additionally, Kairos interns participate in development classes 4 times per week through the duration of their internship. These classes are most often led by our Pastoral staff.


Semester Internships are available to current college students who are seeking to gain class credit for their degree program. These internships are flexible to the requirements of a students degree program.

High School

Kairos High School is an 8-week summer internship for High School students. Students participating in KHS are a part of their campus Forge Program and are either rising juniors or seniors. These students have been vetted by their Campus Student Ministry director and small group leader. During KHS, interns split half their time at a part-time job obtained outside of the church. KHS interns participate in developmental classes 2 times per week through the duration of their internship. These classes are most often led by Student Ministry Directors and Internship Leaders.

Cultor House

Cultor House is a 9-month (August-May) internship for students who have recently graduated college. Cultor House interns live with other CH interns (same gender) in a house, serve part-time within a ministry in the church. In return for their service for the church, their rent and utilities are paid for. These interns obtain a part time job outside of Grace Church in order to cover gas, groceries and other personal items. Interns attend classes taught by Grace Church pastors 2-3 mornings a week.


The missions internship is a 12 week opportunity to participate in regional missions. Missions interns work alongside our church partners in Allendale, SC. Interns organize and coordinate summer camp programming for elementary and middle school students as teams from Grace Church help provide weekly hands-on support. The internship includes pre-field training, on the ground equipping classes, and 4 days of re-entry training and debrief.