In a world that measures success by financial accumulation, we know that the ultimate treasure is one that is stored up for ourselves in heaven, “where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal (Matthew 6:20).” Though, this does not excuse reckless irresponsibility earthly wealth, it does mean that money can become an expression of greed and fleshly desires. Guarding ourselves from the appeals of temporary treasure should be of utmost concern as Paul explains that because of it, “many have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows” (1 Timothy 6:10). Learning to steward our money responsibly and freely is a difficult undertaking. But, these resources can equip us with sure-footedness in approaching this slippery-slope. In yielding our finances to Him who can do immeasurably more, we can trust that our investment here on Earth will reap eternal dividends.


Why is it so important to be generous? How much money do I need to save? Does my lifestyle truly honor the Lord? How do I get started with budgeting and planning? All these questions and more are addressed in Money Matters—a class designed to help participants renew their mindset concerning personal finance, become faithful stewards of the resources God has given them, and bring him glory through their money as well as their lives. We hope you’ll join us for seven weeks of biblical community as we address how to combat worldliness and materialism and handle money God’s way.

Dates for Winter 2022 coming soon!


Jesus’ gift of salvation was the greatest act of sacrifice, generosity, and obedience. Why, then, do we trust God with our souls and not always with our resources? God gives us instructions to choose between the weak god of money and Him— the faithful Provider. We cannot serve both. We have to evaluate our hearts and recognize that generosity is more than the amount given—it exposes the condition of our hearts.


Our relationship and connection with the church is shaped by our definition of the church. In this series, we are looking at how connecting physically and financially to the church is a discipleship issue. Giving plays an important role, and can even be a test of our devotion to God and what He is doing in the world. If God has worked in your life, He also desires to work through you to bless others. Generosity that is rooted in worship, intentionality, and devotion should be the mark that we are striving for as a church.


This series is designed to help us bridge the gap between what God thinks and what we think about money. You will see that all financial decisions are actually spiritual decisions and our view on money can lead us either to live our lives in fear and bondage or to experience freedom.


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