We are excited to announce that the retreats for Grace Church Students will ALL be happening this coming March 2020 at Carolina Point. Registration is now open!  We expect God to use our time together as a catalyst for life change, and we hope your student(s) will be there with us!

We are excited to announce that the retreats for Grace Church Students will ALL be happening this coming March 2019 at Carolina Point. ​For the first time ever, there will be two Forge Retreat weekends, one for grades 9-10, and one for grades 11-12. This will allow us to gear our teaching to specific age groups and fit into a space that is most conducive for our weekend together.

Registration is now open! Please use this as an opportunity to take advantage of making payments towards the retreat for your student(s). Register now,  and you will receive updated balances and reminders for each payment. We expect God to use our time together as a catalyst for life change, and we hope your student(s) will be there with us!


11th & 12th


9th & 10th


7th & 8th


5th & 6th



What if I need financial assistance?

Please don’t let money be a reason that your student(s) can’t attend a retreat! Contact your campus staff lead to talk through options.

Do I have to pay the full amount at once? Can I make incremental payments towards my student’s retreat?

Brushfire, our new online ticketing and registration site, gives you the opportunity to make small payments as often as you would like. You’ll receive bimonthly reminders of your account balance and will easily be able to access your account. Final payment will be due the day before leaving on the retreat.

What if I have two students going on the Forge Retreat weekends? Are there sibling discounts like in the past?

We do offer sibling discounts! The first student is full price and then any sibling after that receives a $50 discount on their registration. To use this discount, select $163 on the registration screen and then apply the code GCSSIBLING at checkout.

How do I pay if I don’t have a credit card?

No problem! You can pay through our online SecureGive system. Remember to put ‘STUDENT NAME + NAME OF RETREAT’ in the memo line. Click here to access SecureGive.

What do I do after I click the ‘register here’ button?

Select the number of students you’d like to register and then click ‘continue’. This will take you through the rest of the registration process.


Can my student come late to or leave early from the retreat?

While we do allow students to come late or leave early, we cannot discount the price of the retreat and students cannot drive themselves to Carolina Point. You must also get approval from your campus staff lead.

What if my student has allergies?

Complete the allergy section at the bottom of the registration form, and we’ll take care of the rest! There are alternate food options available for gluten and dairy allergies, as well as vegetarians.

What if my student takes medicine?

Students are responsible for keeping track of their own medicine, but, if needed, you can communicate any specific details with their small group leader.

What happens if my student gets injured on the retreat?

We will have a doctor and nurse with us on every retreat! If there are serious injuries, we will contact you immediately.

Can my student bring their cell phone on the retreat?

Cell phones will be collected on the bus ride there and kept safely locked up until the trip home. It’s best if they just leave them at home! Small group leaders and staff will have their phones if you need to contact your student for any reason.

How will I know when my student is headed home?

Small group leaders will make sure that you receive a text message when we are at least 30 minutes away from the pickup location.

What if I need to get in contact with my student during the weekend?

If there’s an emergency, please contact your student’s small group leader or staff lead.