Grace Church Podcasts

One of the many ways Grace Church seeks to equip our members and guests is by making our teaching available through podcast. This means that you can subscribe to our feed and when new teaching is added, you will receive it automatically. You can also use the search feature on the teaching page to create your own custom podcast feed.

What is a Podcast?

Use this link to view the teaching RSS Feed. This is for all non-itunes players such as Android, Windows Media, DoubleTwist, etc.
Use this link to view the iTunes specific RSS Feed. For use with iTunes on a Mac, Windows, iPhone or iPod.
Use this link on a search results page to create your own custom feed based on your search criteria. Ideal for subscribing to a series, category or specific teacher.
Recommended Podcasts*

*Please note that these are recommendations only. To the best of our knowledge, these are respectable, reliable ministries but Grace Church is not responsible for any content they produce. This list is just a sampling and not an exhaustive list or endorsement of any kind.