Travelers Rest

Travelers Rest sprouted from a stopover point for weary travelers in the early 1800s. On occasion, it was even necessary to stay in Travelers Rest for months to wait out the mountain winters before moving on. Today Travelers Rest enjoys a revitalized main street with fun dining and shopping experiences. The pedestrian friendly streets encourage outdoor activities from the Swamp Rabbit Trail to city parks.

We Choose Travelers Rest as our next potential area for campus development. As we continue to grow as a multisite church, we are excited that a possible campus here could be a catalyst to members and attendees to live and serve locally. Please join us in prayer as we seek guidance on the launch of a new campus in this area.

Next Interest Meeting

Please join us for our next interest meeting April 26th, 2017 at 6:30pm located in the Younts Conference Center at Furman University.